Original spare parts


Any entrepreneur wants his machines, which have cost good money, to operate efficiently without any loss of production due to malfunctions. This may seem like a basic, natural right; however, if the preventative and periodic maintenance of the system or machine is not being performed, or if this maintenance is not being performed by qualified personnel with the ability to find and eliminate technical problems, or if replacement parts are not of the same design or have the same features as the original ones, the entrepreneur cannot expect to enjoy this most basic, natural right.  In fact, the operator of the machines will be left helpless in the face of unforeseeable, unquantifiable malfunctions, opening him up to losses arising from halted production and related expenses. Selecting spare parts for periodic replacement on your Dalgakıran compressors from among Dalgakıran ISO 9001 parts provides you with the following advantages:


Dalgakıran compressors, if you use spare parts apart from the original non-Breakaway ISO 9001 spare parts, you will have both your compressor out of warranty and your production line risky.