Original spare parts

Original spare parts


Any entrepreneur wants his machines, which have cost good money, to operate efficiently without any loss of production due to malfunctions. This may seem like a basic, natural right; however, if the preventative and periodic maintenance of the system or machine is not being performed, or if this maintenance is not being performed by qualified personnel with the ability to find and eliminate technical problems, or if replacement parts are not of the same design or have the same features as the original ones, the entrepreneur cannot expect to enjoy this most basic, natural right.  In fact, the operator of the machines will be left helpless in the face of unforeseeable, unquantifiable malfunctions, opening him up to losses arising from halted production and related expenses. Selecting spare parts for periodic replacement on your Dalgakıran compressors from among Dalgakıran ISO 9001 parts provides you with the following advantages:


Dalgakıran ISO 9001 original spare parts are the ones already being used in the production of your compressor. They will provide the best protection for your compressor as well as real quality in terms of performance and durability.

Periodic checks and maintenance using Dalgakıran ISO 9001 original parts guarantees that your compressor continues providing the same level of air quality required, and extends your compressor’s lifespan. 

Periodic checks and maintenance using Dalgakıran ISO 9001 original parts guarantees that your compressor continues providing the same level of air quality required. 

It positively affects the life cycle of the production machines, which consume the compressed air, as well as the quality of products manufactured, and enables the compressed air fixtures and equipment to have a longer lifespan at high performance. In addition, it eliminates all manner of risks due to unexpected stoppages and faults in your production activity.   

You can access Dalgakıran ISO 9001 original spare parts seven days a week, twenty four hours a day, no matter where you are in Turkey or the world.  Our company will respond to your needs as quickly as humanely possible, in the most economical and secure manner, through its proprietary branches or its extensive vendor network.   

The key to a long-lived, problem-free Dalgakıran compressor is regular follow-up maintenance performed by our qualified technical staff using original Dalgakıran ISO 9001 spare parts.  

Take the case of non-original air filters: foreign particles be sucked in along with the air entering the suction regulator and screw, causing an irregular open-and-shut movement of the suction regulator’s valve, which in turn will wear down rotor surfaces within the screw section that compresses the air through the rotation of the high-speed compressor.  The irregular open-and-shut movement of the suction regulator will cause a decrease in pressure, wasting energy without generating enough air.  Wearing of the rotor surfaces by the particles invading the screw will cause vibrations at first, followed by malfunctions such as structural damage of the compressor and locking of the screw unit while rotating at high speed, ultimately causing raw material losses and severe damage on production lines which cannot receive air at required pressure settings. 

Add to these problems the possible losses due to the halting of your production line, and the risk of severe problems increase. Not to mention, of course, the shortening of the interval for periodical revision of screw units.  

The lubrication of the screw group covering rotor units rotating at high speed will not be performed as it should be, first causing a halting of the compressor due to overheating, then requiring the servicing of the screw unit much sooner than expected.  

Over the long term, it will give rise to risky conditions that may cause a locking of the screw unit in the future, not to mention the potential consequences of suddenly halting a compressor. .

Screw problems due to overheating by the sudden blocking of oil filters and separators are unavoidable.  

When you use non-original oils, your compressor faces two significant risks. Original Dalgakıran ISO 9001 oils prevent oxidation of the surfaces of the rotor and internal body of the screw due to water vapor in the compressed air. When non-original oils are used, corrosion will eventually form on rotor surfaces and the internal body of screw.  As corrosion particles detach from the surfaces and drop between the screw rotor surfaces, they cause wear, vibration, overheating, low performance and locking of the rotor.  And of course, maintenance periods are inevitably shortened.

At the same time, the same corrosive effect will be observed within the compressor’s radiator. As this condition will accelerate the mechanical wearing of the radiator, decreasing its cooling power, your compressor will become open to problems due to high operating temperature. These conditions will cause unexpected malfunctions and other material losses.                  

By using non-original parts instead of Dalgakıran ISO 9001 spare parts in your Dalgakıran compressors, you not only make your compressor out of warranty as well as risk your production line.

Dalgakıran compressors, if you use spare parts apart from the original non-Breakaway ISO 9001 spare parts, you will have both your compressor out of warranty and your production line risky.